Financial systems have always been fragile. Barry Eichengreen

Zoltán Ádám

Zoltán Ádám

Zoltán Ádám is Assistant Professor at the Department of Comparative and Institutional Economics at Corvinus University of Budapest. He holds a PhD in economics from Debrecen University, an MPhil in Political Science from Central European University and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School. Previously, he was a senior economist and managing director of Kopint-Tárki Institute for Economic Research, a Budapest-based economic think tank. In 2005-2015 he was on the editorial board of Beszélő , a Hungarian liberal political journal established as a samizdat in 1981.

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Consequences of Brexit


On Brexit, from the East

We do not know whether Brexit will bring about more harm or benefit for Europe. It is a sad moment to see a great European country leaving the Union, and it also raises questions about the future of the UK as a mid-ranked European power and, indeed, as a united kingdom. The EU may come out of this turmoil institutionally strengthened, and its Eastern member states may be especially better off.

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