The British empire wasn’t really a global phenomenon. Parag Khanna

Charlie Hebdo in Libération's Offices


“So, on to the next issue?”


On Friday, “Charlie Hebdo”’s surviving journalists went back to work and, with their thoughts on the dead and wounded, they set to work on Wednesday’s issue. read more

Solidarity for the victims of Charlie Hebdo attack


Freedom can’t be slaughtered


The gruesome attack on Charlie Hebdo is unparalleled in scope but frighteningly familiar in structure. Declarations of solidarity are therefore coming too late. (Article in French.) read more

Prism, surveillance and the opportunity for privacy


Prism Break


It is not surprising that mass-surveillance has become possible. Now is the time to challenge the dominance of American Internet services. read more

Germany Remembers WWII


Germany's Band of Brothers


A new German TV series tries to dig into the souls of those who fought World War II. It leaves us with an unsettling conclusion. read more

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