The perfect society is an illusion. Tomáš Sedláček

Assassinations in Mozambique


Je Suis Cistac


The assassination of Mozambique’s Gilles Cistac is the latest in a series of politically motivated murders. It highlights the need for better free speech protections in a country that receives nearly half a billion dollars in foreign aid. read more

Netanyahu’s Speech in front of the U.S. Congress


Netanyahu’s history lesson


The Israeli Prime Minister warned the U.S. of a nuclear deal with Iran, but he didn’t give any concrete alternatives. read more

Why Boris Nemzow was murdered


Dial M for Murder


The murder of Putin’s critic Boris Nemzow was a message. But who was it for? read more

The Collapse of Socialism in Venezuela


Chávez-land is running on empty


If Socialists were placed in charge of the Sahara, there would eventually be a shortage of sand. True to their popular political joke, Venezuela has been completely run down after 17 years of Socialism. read more

Women and Terrorism


Terrorism, She Wrote


When we think about terrorism, we think about men. But there is an increasing number of women taking up arms and bombs. A historical perspective. read more

Human cost of the European immigration policy


The Jungle of Calais


In the port of Calais, the realities of the rest of the world are slowly encroaching on a Western European daydream of peace and prosperity. How much longer can we ignore this? An eyewitness account. read more

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