Berlusconi ruled the country like a post-modern fascist. Paolo Flores d'Arcais

The future of the sharing economy


New frontiers


We’re about to approach the next tipping point towards a future of collaborative consumption. Some very important players are now needed to make that transition work. read more

Restructuring the Chinese economy


Can China innovate?


China no longer wants to be the factory of the world but a powerhouse of innovation. The country is on the right track, but many obstacles remain in place. read more

Why lobbying hinders European development


The End of Lobbying


The German export lobby, the British finance lobby and the French energy lobby hinder problem solving in the EU. The continent has only one chance: the subordination of these interests. read more

Energy Independence and Global Power


Current Affairs


Green energy is the key to global power, but most states are still backing the wrong horse. read more

What the West can learn from emerging markets


Help from below


The West should learn from emerging economies how to tidy up national finances. International economic governance must finally recognize this. read more

China’s Influence in Latin America


Dragon or Panda?


China’s increasing influence in Latin America opens up new horizons for the region. But time will tell which role the Chinese will choose to play: the aggressive dragon or the benevolent panda. read more

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