Even the most perfect system breaks down. Tomáš Sedláček

Facebook's Fortune


Unliking Facebook


Facebook has become serious business. Goldman Sachs just valued the company at 50 billion dollars. But when business interests trump moral considerations, users will turn away. Facebook is shifting to the Dark Side. read more

Cancun Climate Summit


Don't Call It Worthless


The Cancun summit was dominated by power politics and greed for profits – at least if you listen to the doubters and naysayers. They are wrong. It is a misconception to taunt UN climate negotiations as useless. read more

European Terror Threats


The Israel Experience


Scare and fear reign in Germany when it comes to abstract issues such as nuclear power, genetic engineering and Google Street View. But now might really be the time to get worried. Islamist terror is threatening our culture of freedom and democracy. We must take a firm stand against it. read more

European Terror Threats


A Praise for Fear


“You love life, we love death.” The credo of the suicide bombers must not scare us. The bearded fundamentalists signal the last uproar of the Islamic world. They are no threat to us. read more

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