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Oleg Shymanskyi


Oleg Shymanskyi has majored in political science and focuses on EU foreign and security policy. Oleg is also a long-time member of the European Youth Parliament where he devoted much effort to non-formal education and training. After an internship at the EU Delegation in Jakarta, he moved back to Ukraine to work as a freelance analyst, covering the events taking place in his country.



Vincent-Immanuel Herr


Vincent-Immanuel Herr is an activist and author from Berlin, who focuses on intergenerational justice and European youth. He studied history, political science, and sociology in the United States and Germany and has published articles on a variety of aspects in German and international newspapers (e.g. Die ZEIT, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Christian Science Monitor). He is part of the activist team Herr & Speer since 2013 and co-founded the Young European Collective initiative in 2014 (both with the support of Stiftung Mercator), whose members contribute to the column „Who, If Not Us?“.



Putin’s authority in Russia and eastern Europe

Russian Nostalgia

Putin’s authoritarianism is repulsive not only to people abroad. The situation in Russia is reminiscent of the eve of the Soviet Union’s collapse.

by Leonid Luks 04.04.2014



Putin’s tactics against the West

How far will he go?

The West should prepare for everything – except for one thing.

by Mark Galeotti 09.09.2014



Why worries about the Crimean crisis are overblown

The exaggerated crisis

The Russian annexation of Crimea is certainly not the beginning of a new Cold War. The EU and the US should ignore Russian muscle-flexing and focus on other challenges.

by Rick Noack 07.04.2014



Counterproductive Sanctions against Russia

Punishing Russia

Shortly after the annexation of Crimea, the West imposed sanctions against Russia. That is the wrong strategy at the wrong time.

by Mattias Westman 26.05.2015



Ukraine's astonishing transition

Breaking away for good

Ukraine’s unexpectedly matured society leaves the post-Soviet space.

by Oleg Shymanskyi 29.08.2014



A wall against Russia

We do have plans to build a wall

It’s a brittle peace in Ukraine. Now Kiev wants to use Cold War relicts to stabilize the country: It is building a wall to protect us all from Russia.

by Alexander Görlach 17.03.2015



What the West needs to do about Ukraine

The new sleepwalkers

Russia cannot be allowed to dictate what happens in eastern Ukraine, but Western diplomats need to realize that pressure alone will not lead Putin to give in.

by Robert Jervis 05.09.2014



Russian aggression in Ukraine and the Baltics

“We can no longer trust Mr. Putin”

The Baltic states feel especially threatened by an increasingly hostile Russia. Andrius Kubilius, former Prime Minister of Lithuania, sat down with Florian Guckelsberger to discuss his idea of a “Marshall Plan“ for Ukraine, tougher sanctions, and why Putin hasn’t backed down yet.

Conversation by Florian Guckelsberger with Andrius Kubilius 20.02.2015

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