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Turkey's Democratic Deficit

The Erdogan Problem

The on-going anti-government protests in Turkey demonstrate the pitfalls of majoritarian style democracy and the need for broader reforms to address underrepresented groups in the country.

by Neophytos Loizides 07.06.2013



Protests in Taksim Square

Democracy Is In the Streets

The eruption of protest in Istanbul and other Turkish cities expresses vigorous opposition to the politics of prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and frustration over the lack of alternatives.

by Dimitar Bechev 06.06.2013



Protests in Taksim Square

24 Years Later

Exactly 24 years after the massacre in Tiananmen Square, Turkey’s prime minister has to decide how to respond to demands for real secular democracy. Will he agree to reforms – or “go Chinese”?

by Stefano Casertano 05.06.2013



US Policy in the Middle East

Delayer in Chief

The United States hoped to build Turkey into a model democracy in the Middle East, and to wait out the turmoil of the Arab Spring. Both policies have failed.

by Stefano Casertano 13.06.2013

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