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Ahmet Suerdem


Ahmet K. Suerdem is a Professor at Istanbul Bilgi University and Senior Academic Visitor at the London School of Economics. His current research interests include research methodology, life styles, culture and identity.



Neophytos Loizides

Political Scientist

Neophytos Loizides is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent. His most recent work on Turkey, democratic participation and party politics has been published (or is forthcoming) in the European Journal of Political Research, Parliamentary Affairs, Political Studies, West European Politics and Comparative Politics.



Buket Bora

Political Scientist

Buket Bora is the coordinator of the Centre for Turkey Studies, a research institute based in London. Her work focuses on the political and cultural implications of nationalism, racialisation and identity formations. Buket is a graduate of Birkbeck College, University of London. She completed her dissertation on the tension between Turkish nationalism and contemporary Circassian identity in Turkey.



Gulay Turkmen-Dervisoglu


Gulay Turkmen-Dervisoglu is a Sociology PhD candidate at Yale University. Her research interests include sociology of religion, comparative-historical sociology, nations/nationalism and cultural trauma and collective memory in the context of national identity formation.



Kerem Öktem

Political Scientist

Kerem Öktem is a research fellow at the European Studies Centre and an Associate Faculty Member at the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford. His research focuses on on minority politics and nationalism, particularly in the Turkish context. He is currently working on a project that tries to analyse Turkey’s changing geopolitical position as a result of the Arab Spring. Öktem is the author of “Angry Nation: Turkey since 1989”.



Bedri Baykam


Bedri Baykam is a Turkish artist, writer, and political activist. He is a member of the social-democratic party CHP, the chairman of the Turkish Artists’ Association, and a regular contributor to the left-leaning “Cumhuriyet” newspaper. Baykam studied in Paris at the Sorbonne and lived in California until 1987 before returning to Istanbul, where he still resides.



David Janssen


Janssen studied European Studies in Maastricht, Geneva and Padua. He has worked in Brussels and Istanbul and specializes on European and Turkish Foreign Policy.



Dimitar Bechev

European Council on Foreign Relations

Dimitar Bechev is senior research fellow and head of the Sofia office of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). He is editor of “What Does Turkey Think”, a 2011 collection of essays by Turkish analysts, policymakers and academics exploring the country’s rapid domestic transformation and dynamic foreign policy.




Networks of Dissent

Most spontaneous and local protests are neither spontaneous nor local.

by Martin Eiermann 08.06.2013



Turkey turns into a dictatorship

When Religion is taken Hostage

Turkey transforms into a dictatorship. President Erdogan uses Islam to consolidate his power. So Turkey isn’t a democracy any more. Is Islam to blame for this?

by Alexander Görlach 01.08.2016

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