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Jocelyn Lequesne

Economic Law Student

Jocelyn Lequesne is persuing a double-degree in European economic law and regulation at the Institut d’études politiques of Strasbourg, France and “European and International Business, Competition, and Regulatory Law” at the Freie Universität Berlin. After an exchange program at Syracuse University in the United States, he mainly chose to focus on legal and economic issues concerning EU-US relations.



Michael Bloss


Michael Bloss is Spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens. He studied Globalisation and Developments studies in London and International Relations in Dresden and Dar es Salaam. He focuses on the effects that international trade and the international financial system have on the Global South.



TTIP and Geopolitics

Introducing the Next Transatlantic Chapter

TTIP is more than a trade deal. It’s an opportunity to cement the Euro-Atlantic geopolitical alliance and restore faith in the Western model of market economies.

by Jacob Schrot 24.06.2015



Free Trade To End Global Poverty

Free Trade Unchained

Fostering free trade means fostering a better tomorrow. No other policy can generate more prosperity and development throughout the world. But politicians remain stubborn and keep on wasting precious funds.

by Bjørn Lomborg 07.10.2013



Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

TTIP-toeing towards low life quality

This July the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) completes three years of existence and its biggest wish is to become a reality. Angela Merkel is strongly in favor of the treaty and Barack Obama putting it as a priority. But the only thing Europeans should celebrate about the three-year birthday is the TTIP still did not reach an agreement from all partners involved.

by Robert Born 29.07.2016



Robert Reich on Inequality and Austerity

“I am optimistic because I see no alternative”

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich urges us to save capitalism from its own excesses. He sat down with Martin Eiermann to discuss austerity, inequality and our return to the gilded age.

Conversation by Martin Eiermann with Robert Reich 17.06.2014



What the TTIP Debate Reveals About the EU

Raising the Rhetoric

The debate in Europe surrounding TTIP relies on faulty critique on one side, and unsubstantiated promises on the other. Citizens on both sides of the Atlantic deserve better.

by Jocelyn Lequesne 26.06.2015

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