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Great Britain and the Brexit

Has UK Politics hit fast forward?

Just over a week ago the UK’s latest Prime Minister was revealed. The leadership contest, sparked by the country’s vote to leave the EU and expected to last weeks, was over in just days. Is this a reflection of the UK’s political environment post Brexit? Matthew Amroliwala from the BBC reflects on covering the day David Cameron waved good bye and Theresa May embarked on her premiership.

by Matthew Amroliwala 24.07.2016



Britain’s In-Out Referendum

The Big Bang

Banging on about Europe has once again become a vote winner in the UK and a “Brexit” is more likely than ever. If David Cameron wins next year’s elections, he will have to face an inconvenient promise.

by Sam Macrory 11.03.2014



Britian and the undemocratic elements of the EU

With or without them

The UK is not an obstacle to harmony and stability. It is the EU integrationists who generate economic and democratic instability.

by Bill Cash 18.03.2015



Plea against a federal Europe

United in Opposition

The Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists stands for a different kind of Europe. We believe that Europe would be more prosperous and democratic if each nation provided for its own needs.

by Daniel Hannan 09.04.2014



Conservatives and Labour emulate UKIP

Red and blue make purple

Instead of propagating alternatives to fend off UKIP, Labour and Conservatives are trying to attract voters by emulating Nigel Farage and his gang.

by Mark Briggs 24.11.2014

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