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Similarity of technological and societal change

Steeping in our own realities

There will inevitably come a point when you lose track of progress. Better to accept it now.

by Lars Mensel 26.06.2015



First visit at the Arab Peninsula

The Pope at the cradle of Islam

On the occation of the first visit of a Pope at the Arab Peninsula in the United Arab Emirates Pope Francis called upon to use religion for peace, tolerance and the compliance of the freedom of religion. Dialog and tolerance are the keywords. But what´s the meaning of it?

by Beatrice Bischof 24.02.2019



Royal pardon for convicted homosexuals

Royal Pardon

In the 1950s, thousands of British homosexuals were tried and sentenced for indecency. They are still waiting for their rehabilitation. How embarrassing for England.

by Alexander Görlach 16.03.2015

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