You could prove the laws of chemistry wrong by experimenting with dirty test tubes. Kenneth Binmore

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Charity Scribner

Professor and author

Charity Scribner is the author of After the Red Army Faction: Gender, Culture, and Militancy (Columbia UP, 2014). She is an associate professor of comparative literature at the City University of New York.



Yalda Hakim


The Australian broadcast journalist is currently presenting the “Our World” program for “BBC World News”. She has reported from around the world for the Australian TV program “Dateline” and “SBS World News Australia”. She was awarded the United Nations Media Peace Prize for best Australian Television News Coverage in 2009. Hakim was born in Afghanistan but fled the country to escape the Soviet invasion.



NSA Surveillance Debates

The State, Unbound

The almost exclusive focus on the NSA obscures the degree to which surveillance has become integrated into almost every level of government. For most of us, the first point of contact with the surveillance state isn’t the NSA – it’s the local police department.

by Martin Eiermann 13.01.2014



Why militant Islamists are the true unbelievers

Only God forgives

Through acts of terror, militant Islamists want to avenge God but commit idolatry instead.

by Alexander Görlach 08.01.2015



Discontent in the 21st Century

Turns of the Century

What the protests in Brazil and Greece tell us about world history.

by Martin Eiermann 23.06.2013



Hollande’s reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attacks

Diamond or gravel

It is up to François Hollande whether French democracy can weather the storm of yesterday’s attacks. He would be advised to follow a Norwegian example.

by Florian Guckelsberger 08.01.2015

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