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Thomas Coombes


Thomas Coombes is campaigns press officer at Amnesty International. Find him on twitter @T_Coombes



Guillaume Vaslin-Reimann


Guillaume Vaslin-Reimann is a Franco-German entrepreneur and CEO of "The European Magazine“. Prior to joining "The European“, he served as CEO of the mobile game studio eelusion which he co-founded. He is involved transnationally in the start-up scene and is passionate about digital subcultures.



Harper Reed


The American hacker/engineer builds paradigm-shifting tech and leads others to do the same. Harper loves using the enormity of the Internet to bring people together, whether as CTO of Obama for America, CTO at Threadless.com, or on his own projects. He and his team created Dashboard, a site that connects volunteer teams and acts as an online component of the field office.



Rejection of EU-wide data retention law

Exit the panopticon

The ECJ’s ruling on the data retention directive is a landmark victory in the battle against unjustified state surveillance – but it comes too late to safeguard our basic freedoms.

by Juliane Mendelsohn 11.04.2014



NSA Surveillance Debates

The State, Unbound

The almost exclusive focus on the NSA obscures the degree to which surveillance has become integrated into almost every level of government. For most of us, the first point of contact with the surveillance state isn’t the NSA – it’s the local police department.

by Martin Eiermann 13.01.2014



Protecting State Secrecy

For Their Eyes Only

Without secrecy, the state cannot protect its citizens. The public should therefore not have a universal right to transparency.

by David Omand 17.10.2013



Secrecy in the Digital Age

"I want to tear down the veil of secrecy"

The cyberlibertarian, John Perry Barlow, believes that we can no longer safeguard complete secrecy and privacy. He sat down with Alexander Görlach to discuss the true value of secrets, how the US copied Nazi Germany and why driving a tractor boosts his creativity.

Conversation by Alexander Görlach with John Perry Barlow 21.10.2013



Britain and the Snowden revelations

GCHQ Calling

David Cameron considers Edward Snowden a threat and slams journalists that criticize mass-surveillance. Has the UK lost all sense of basic human freedom?

by Juliane Mendelsohn 01.11.2013



Technology as Power

The End of Innocence

The past two months have undone the Age of Digital Innocence. It’s now possible to speak of technology of power, and of the internet as a site of old-fashioned struggle.

by Martin Eiermann 04.08.2013



How to cure the Internet's ills

“The surveillance economy has replaced the free economy”

Andrew Keen is know as the “Antichrist of Silicon Valley”. He calls Google a monster, Uber a bad idea and wants governments to regulate both.

Conversation by Max Tholl with Andrew Keen 27.01.2015

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