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Ann-Marlene Henning

Sexologist and couple therapist

Ann-Marlene Henning is a Danish neuro-psychologist, sexologist and TV personality. She has her own sex therapy and couples counselling practice in Hamburg. Her bestselling book “Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide” was published in 2012 and translated into different languages. It was followed in 2014 by “Make More Love” (German titel), where Henning explores how sexuality changes with aging.



The fad of hating porn

The Porn Myth

Porn, like any vice, can matter as much or as little as you want it to. Imposing a ban on it is the wrong solution to a much wider problem.

by Jesse Van Mouwerik 23.12.2014



Sexologist Ann-Marlene Henning on sex and aging

“Getting to know our sexuality takes hard work“

How do women reach orgasm? What is better: sex with or without love? Sexologist and bestseller author Ann-Marlene Henning has some answers.

Conversation by Julia Korbik with Ann-Marlene Henning 30.03.2015

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