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Secularism and Religious Holidays

Holy Days

Religious holidays have become cornerstones of the secular calendar even as their original meaning is ignored.

by Jörg Friedrich 02.04.2013



Explaining the World Giving Index

Why Are Some Countries More Generous?

Even when the economic development of a country is taken into account, some nations seem far more generous in their charitable giving than others. What factors explain these national variations?

by Adam Pickering 18.06.2015



The Papal Election

Not An Italian, Please

The conclave has gathered in Rome to elect the next pope. For the future of the Catholic Church, let’s hope they don’t choose an Italian.

by Alexander Görlach 12.03.2013



Science and Science Fiction

"Most learning is an illusion"

Jack Cohen occupies a peculiar position among scientists: In addition to his scholarly work, he has published several books in collaboration with the fantasy author Terry Pratchett. Cohen sat down with Martin Eiermann to discuss the link between science and science fiction, the nature of knowledge, and the decline of university education.

Conversation by Martin Eiermann with Jack Cohen 19.07.2013



On Creeds and Extremism

The Muslim ‘No’

“There is no God but Allah”. Islam is the only religion whose creed starts with such a negation. What is meant to deter nihilism, is really a double-edged sword.

by Michael Marder 25.05.2015



Muhammad Biography by Hamed Abdel-Samad

Muhammad is like Jesus

Author and Islam critic Hamad Abdel-Samad has unpacked the stereotypes about the prophet of the Muslim faith and compiled them in a new book. But this is not religious criticism’s finest hour.

by Alexander Görlach 05.10.2015



European Secularism

As If God Did Not Exist

Secularism does not imply the prohibition of individual religiosity or of public displays of faith. It merely begs us to abandon any hopes for divine intervention in Europe’s messy state of affairs.

by Alexander Görlach 07.04.2013



The British Example

What Shapes Charity Culture in the UK?

The culture of charity and giving in the UK is shaped by three key factors: state structures, citizens’ religious backgrounds, and the country’s industrial and colonial history.

by Alex Swallow 20.06.2015



Is there a right way to criticize Islam

Telling the whole story

Islam, like any religion, needs effective critiques from believers and non-believers alike.

by Jesse Van Mouwerik 12.01.2015



Why our belief systems create misperceptions

How we killed complexity

Should we be shocked that people believe irrational things? Not really. We bombard children with information before we teach them how to think critically. It’s a daily mass murder of malleable mindsets.

by Riva-Melissa Tez 28.11.2014

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