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Young Fathers


The three-piece band from Edinburgh formed after meeting at an under-16s hiphop night at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh when they were all 14 years old. In 2011 and 2013 they released "Tape 1“ and "Tape 2“ before putting out their first studio album, „Dead“ in 2014. The album won them the renowned Mercury Prize. In 2015, they released their critically-acclaimed follow-up album "White men are black men too“.



The Sad Archetype of Michael Brown

Too many white cops?

Michael Brown’s death was not just a tragedy, but also the final straw for a town fed up with racial discrimination by police. Rather than merely holding individual officers responsible, there needs to be a dramatic shift in police personnel to better reflect the diversity in our society.

by Jesse Van Mouwerik 27.11.2014



Discrimination against Roma in Europe

A bleak reality

Across Europe, Roma people are facing blatant racism. And yet there is hope.

by Dessislava Kirova 14.05.2014



Young Fathers on race and the death of pop music

“It’s hard to be a racist”

Mercury Prize-winning band The Young Fathers push for racial equality and want racists to come to their shows. To the band’s G Hastings, that’s not contradictory, but necessary.

Conversation by Max Tholl with Young Fathers 18.06.2015



Racial divisions in the U.S.

The Divided States of America

Brown and Garner are but two names in a long list of black men and women who have perished at the hands of police. These are not personal issues or isolated incidents: they are tragic reflections of a deeply broken system.

by John A. Powell 08.12.2014



Using video cameras against police brutality?

Candid Camera

Should police officers wear cameras to clarify cases like that in Ferguson? I don’t think so.

by Lars Mensel 26.11.2014



Ferguson and the rule of law

Law and Order

The case of Darren Wilson shows that a legal decision, whether made by justices, tribunals or juries can be wrong, both as a matter of law and as a matter of morality.

by Juliane Mendelsohn 26.11.2014



Geert Wilders and Dutch Racism

A step too far

In the Netherlands, political engagement has tempered racism and anti-migration sentiments. But it has done so at a cost.

by Daan Welling 16.05.2014



Identity politics, racism and Ferguson

Taking the fight beyond identity politics

Ferguson shows what is needed: the rejection of both an identity politics based on anti-Western ressentiment and a shallow liberal multiculturalist tolerance.

by Karthick Ram Manoharan 19.03.2015



The 10 Most Political Moments at the Oscars 2015

The 10 Most Political Moments at this year's Academy Awards

Including Feminist Fashion Statements™, a moving speech on race, and an invitation to be weird.

by Julia Korbik 23.02.2015

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