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Networks of Dissent

Most spontaneous and local protests are neither spontaneous nor local.

by Martin Eiermann 08.06.2013



Turkey's Democratic Deficit

The Erdogan Problem

The on-going anti-government protests in Turkey demonstrate the pitfalls of majoritarian style democracy and the need for broader reforms to address underrepresented groups in the country.

by Neophytos Loizides 07.06.2013



The Battle of Gezi Park

It's Not About a Park

On Saturday night, police started to evict protesters from Istanbul’s Gezi Park. But for Erdogan, it’s too little too late. The protests have turned from a fight over urban spaces into a fight against the government.

by Jonathan Wiltshire 16.06.2013



Protests in Taksim Square

Democracy Is In the Streets

The eruption of protest in Istanbul and other Turkish cities expresses vigorous opposition to the politics of prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and frustration over the lack of alternatives.

by Dimitar Bechev 06.06.2013



Turkey's Democratic Resurgence

A European Spirit

In the streets of Istanbul, a new democratic spirit is taking root. But the violent repression of dissent shows that it cannot flourish as long as Erdogan remains in charge.

by Kerem Öktem 12.06.2013



The Future of Turkish Democracy

Beyond the Ballot Box

The future of the Turkish protest movement is unpredictable after the clearing of Taksim Square and Gezi Park– in contrast to the government’s reaction. As long as Erdogan remains in power, we can expect harsh police tactics and a narrow definition of democracy.

by Buket Bora 17.06.2013



From Gezi Park with Love

The struggle continues

Erdogan’s plans to redevelop Gezi Park have been scrapped, but the Turkish turmoil continues. While protesters want to break the chains of oppression, the government prepares for the final showdown. An eyewitness account.

by Ahmet Suerdem 06.07.2013



The Taksim Square Protests

Petri Dishes

Taksim Square has emerged as a diverse and tolerant microcosm of Turkish society: People from all walks of life are envisioning the future of their country’s democracy.

by Gulay Turkmen-Dervisoglu 09.06.2013

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