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Michael Bloomberg


The American business magnate, politician and philanthropist served as the 108th Mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013. He is the founder and 88% owner of Bloomberg L.P., the global financial data and media company notable for its Bloomberg Terminal. Bloomberg is one of America’s leading philanthropists.



Janette Sadik-Khan on New York's Streets

"Transportation touches people’s lives every day"

Under Janette Sadik-Khan’s tenure as Transportation Commissioner, New York City’s streets became a lot friendlier for cyclists and pedestrians. She sat down with Katherine Lindemann to discuss how America’s largest city began to reject the supremacy of the car.

Conversation by Katherine Lindemann with Janette Sadik-Khan 30.06.2015



Michael Bloomberg on cities and innovation

“People care about services, not ideologies”

As a former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg knows what challenges cities have to face today and how to respond to them. He told Max Tholl what states should learn from cities and how the mayor of even a small rural town could save the world.

Conversation by Max Tholl with Michael Bloomberg 20.06.2014

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