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Arcade Fire


Arcade Fire are a critically acclaimed indie rock band from Montreal. Pitchfork Media ranked their debut album “Funeral” second best album of the 2000s. In 2011 the band won the Grammy and BRIT Award for their third album “The Suburbs”.



Amanda Palmer


The American performer rose to fame as lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of the band “The Dresden Dolls” who described their music as “Punk-Cabaret”. In 2008, Palmer started her solo career. Her second solo-album “Theatre Is Evil” was fully crowdfunded.



St. Vincent


St. Vincent is the stage name of musician Annie Clark, an American singer-songwriter from Texas. After playing with the Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens Band, she released her debut “Marry Me” in 2007, followed by the albums “Actor” (2009) and “Strange Mercy” (2011). Her self-titled album “St. Vincent” will be released on February 25, 2014. Clark has also collaborated with David Byrne on the album “Love this Giant”.



Blonde Redhead


Blonde Redhead is a rock band from New York City, consisting of Japanese singer and guitarist Kazu Makino and Italian twin brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace, on lead guitar and drums/vocals respectively. They released their newest record “Barragán” on September 5th 2014.



Simon Reynolds

Music Journalist

Reynolds is a cultural critic for publications like "The Guardian“, "The New York Times“, and "The Rolling Stone“. He is the author of "Rip It Up and Start Again : Post Punk 1978-1984“ and „Retromania“.



Hans Nieswandt

DJ and Author

Hans Nieswandt is a German DJ, producer and author who plays Techno, House and Disco music. For the Goethe Institute, he traveled to Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, the Middle East, Turkey and Italy, doing workshops and performances and trying to promote German culture.



Mando Diao


The Swedish rock band rose to fame with their 2004 album "Hurricane Bar“. Mando Diao have played sold-out shows around the globe and music festivals like “Coachella” or "Rock am Ring“. "Aelita“ is their seventh studio album.



David Lynch

Film Director

The American film director, television director, visual artist, musician, occasional actor, and author is world renowned for his surrealist films and unique cinematic style. Lynch is the mastermind behind cult movies and series like “Eraserhead”, “Twin Peaks” “Blue Velvet”, “The Elephant Man” or “Mulholland Drive”. He is widely considered one of the most influential artists of our time.



Young Fathers


The three-piece band from Edinburgh formed after meeting at an under-16s hiphop night at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh when they were all 14 years old. In 2011 and 2013 they released "Tape 1“ and "Tape 2“ before putting out their first studio album, „Dead“ in 2014. The album won them the renowned Mercury Prize. In 2015, they released their critically-acclaimed follow-up album "White men are black men too“.



Arcade Fire's "Reflektor"

“If it’s too easy, people won’t care”

With their new album “Reflektor”, Arcade Fire set out to conquer dance floors worldwide. Jeremy Gara sat down with Max Tholl and Lars Mensel to discuss the nature of Rock music, alienating fans and the last CD to ever be released.

Conversation by Max Tholl with Arcade Fire 29.11.2013

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