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Michael Allen Gillespie

Professor of Political Science and Philosophy

He is Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Duke University. He is the author of Hegel, Heidegger and the Ground of History, Nihilism before Nietzsche, and The Theological Origins of Modernity. He is also co-editor of Nietzsche’s New Seas: Explorations in Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Politics, Ratifying the Constitution, and Homo Politicus, Homo Economicus. He is completing a new book, Nietzsche’s Final Teaching. He is the Director of the Gerst Program in Political,Economic, and Humanistic Studies, the AB Duke Scholars Program, and the Visions of Freedom Focus Program.



Why Human Rights Are So Often Unenforced

Deadly Hesitation

The notion of the universality of human rights is morally undeniable. Why do we struggle to act on them?

by Michael Allen Gillespie 20.07.2015

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