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The End of Morsi's Rule

The Road to Collapse

Following Morsi’s ouster, Egypt is once again on a knife-edge. While it is yet unforeseeable how the country can overcome the current state of crisis, it is quite clear how it got itself into it in the first place.

by Mai Shams El-Din 07.07.2013



Coups in Africa

The Rule of Khaki

The ouster of Morsi is only one episode in the long tradition of African state coups. Yet, it contributes to a trend that threatens the blossoming of democracy across the region.

by Joseph Hammond 16.07.2013



US Policy in Egypt

Friends with Benefits

In spite of the violent crackdown on protesters in Egypt, the United States continues to avoid reviewing its policy regarding military aid to the country. The Obama administration has good reason to be cautious.

by Ragnar Weilandt 26.08.2013



Egypt after Morsi

Specters of the Past

Following Morsi’s ouster, the struggle for power in Egypt is raging. But the repression of the Muslim Brotherhood is unlikely to bring about any democratic stability in the foreseeable future.

by Abdullah Al-Arian 18.07.2013

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