The myth of national sovereignty helps big corporations screw us over. Thomas Piketty

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Arianna Huffington


The Greek-American journalist is best known for her website “The Huffington Post” – an international online news generator and blog focusing on issues ranging from politics to healthy living. Huffington is widely regarded as one of the most influential people in the media business.



João Feres Júnior

Political Scientist

João Feres Júnior is a professor for Political Science at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. He coordinates a multidisciplinary study group on Affirmative Action as well as a Laboratory on Media and the Public Sphere, dedicated to the analysis of the news media coverage in the fields of culture and politics.



James Hoggan

Activist and PR expert

Jim Hoggan is one of Canada’s most respected public relations professionals and the president and owner of Hoggan & Associates, an award winning strategic communications firm specializing in crisis management and stakeholder engagement for government, industry and non-for-profit organizations. He founded the influential website „DeSmogBlog", chosen as one of “Time Magazine”’s Best Blogs for 2011 for its work exposing corporate misinformation campaigns. Hoggan is former chair of Climate Project Canada – the Canadian chapter of Al Gore’s global education and advocacy organization.



The Internet and International Security

Tweeting Tribalism

Radical groups and twisted individuals have been enticed by the power of social media to disseminate violent messages for a global audience. Is the Internet truly bringing the world closer together, or is it driving us apart?

by Jesse Van Mouwerik 04.12.2014



How advertisement sneaks into our lives

Ad nauseam

We have allowed advertisers way too far into our lives. Will we pay the price?

by Lars Mensel 12.09.2014



The power of climate change deniers

Lies, Inc.

We know that climate change is a reality, but an army of deniers led by business interests and supported by the mainstream media makes us believe that warnings of a climate calamity are overblown.

by James Hoggan 24.09.2014



Communicating in the Digital World

The Book of Faces

We spend much of our lives online. It’s time to communicate there as we do in person, and our rich, personalized online presences can speak volumes in a setting where body language is off the table.

by Zlatin Georgiev 27.05.2015



How the information war destroyed debate

A dispatch from the Information War

The Information War is in full swing, and the public should be wary not to fall for the black-and-white accounts of the traditional media. A veteran’s account.

by Abdallah Schleifer 08.09.2014



Social networks’ power over our feelings

Manipulate us!

The internet has eliminated all things that make life unpredictable. Luckily, the large online corporations are coming to our rescue.

by Lars Mensel 23.09.2014

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