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Amal Imad


Amal Imad is a researcher at the international humanitarian agency Muslim Aid. She has also written a chapter on citizenship and identity in the book The Shi’a of Samarra: The Heritage and Politics of a Community in Iraq. She completed her masters degree in Muslim Culture from the Aga Khan University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations.



Nikolas Papageorgiou


Nikolas Papageorgiou is a student at the College of Europe in Bruges. Before that he studied in The Hague, Strasbourg, Göttingen and Kyoto. After stints at the Directorate General for European Affairs at the German Federal Office and the Centre for European Policy Studies for the German Council of Foreign Relations he became The European’s eyes and ears on all things concerning the peculiar ways in which the EU functions.



The Internet and the End of the Nation State

Internet Ergo Sum

The nation state is the single most important source of identification in our societies. The Internet is not the first to challenge its concept, but it’s probably the most successful.

by Maximilian Stern 17.02.2015



A Common European Culture

Homo Europaeus: Does European Culture Exist?

Today’s headlines may seem to underscore the cultural differences among European countries, but the emergence of a distinctly European contemporary culture is undeniable.

by Julia Kristeva 11.05.2015



The heavy burden of German identity

Thicker than blood

I migrated to Germany when I was eight years old. Does that give me the right to call myself German and to comment on the country’s war guilt?

by Dessislava Kirova 13.10.2014



Reconciling citizenship with nationality

Unpopular Sovereignty – Part 1

Nationhood, and the way we perceive it, is potentially the most controversial topic of the 21st century.

by Jesse Van Mouwerik 18.03.2015



German Commemoration of the Auschwitz liberation

A New Chapter in German Identity

70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz we experience a change of perspective in Germany – towards the future. It is an offer to the current generation that includes so many with immigrant backgrounds.

by Dessislava Kirova 29.01.2015



Austria's new Islam Law

There to stay

Austria’s new Islam Law is controversial, especially when it comes to cutting Muslim communities off from foreign payments. Now Muslims in Austria have to make a choice.

by Dessislava Kirova 04.03.2015

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