Money must not be worshipped. Wolfgang Huber

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Riva-Melissa Tez


The daughter of an electrical engineer and a schizophrenic, at 8 years old she told her mother she would change the world with philosophy. At 25 she’s still trying. She has looked for solutions everywhere — through theology and philosophy, in start-ups, and in venture capital in Silicon Valley. Now residing in San Francisco, she’s looking into innovative financial models that support long-term thinking, or as she puts it “financing tangible philosophy”.



The problem of defining humanity

Being Human Matters

How do we define what is human and what is not?

by Alice Crary 27.07.2015



Abortion as human right

The right to choose

Only a society which guarantees women the right to abort is a truly humanistic one.

by Julia Korbik 12.11.2014

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