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Global Epidemics

Sober Science

Nightmare scenarios dominate the discussion about global pandemics. Let’s inject a dose of reason into the discussion.

by David Quammen 04.04.2013



Supervolcanic Eruptions

Ashes On Our Heads

Gigantic volcanic eruptions can have global consequences, but they still cannot be forecast or prevented. Luckily for civilization, the laws of nature work in our favor.

by Ilya Bindeman 03.04.2013



Threats from Space

Access Denied

Hundreds of asteroids – so-called “Near Earth Objects” – could impact the earth with devastating consequences. But scientists are already working on defensive technologies.

by Massimiliano Vasile 12.04.2013



The Risk from Super-Viruses

Exceptional Risks, Exceptional Precautions

The biggest viral threats come from man-made super-viruses. To prevent lethal global epidemics, scientists must trade experimental research for tighter safety measures.

by Marc Lipsitch 10.04.2013



Tsunamis as Global Risk

Against the Tide

Even the most advanced technology cannot compete with nature when it comes to tsunami defense. Our best hope: preserve coastal forests, and run for the hills.

by Bill McGuire 13.04.2013



The Abuse of the Precautionary Principle

Cross the Street!

Caution is great as a political sledgehammer. Carefully formulated, you can ban anything. But this is unreasonable. Here’s what politics should learn from kids crossing the street for ice cream.

by Bjørn Lomborg 15.01.2014



Henry Elkus on the changing definitions of power

“The digital age has given young people unprecedented influence”

21 year-old “Helena”-founder Henry Elkus has built a one-of-a-kind organization of world leaders aimed towards significant global change. Yet half of his members are under 25 years old. Elkus spoke to Alexander Görlach on power in the 21st century and the youth’s burden to address the critical global issues of our time. 

Conversation by Alexander Görlach with Henry Elkus 06.10.2016



Nuclear Disarmament

How We Learned to Hate the Bomb

Nuclear weapons are the only man-made technology capable of causing global destruction. The quest for disarmament isn’t just a military strategy, it’s a moral imperative.

by Gareth Evans 05.04.2013



A monster for the century

Monster wanted

The Japanese monster “Godzilla“ once anticipated the fears and risks of a whole century. Who could fill its shoes?

by Martin Eiermann 30.01.2015



The risk of belief systems

Dangerous minds

On the dichotomy between belief and action.

by Riva-Melissa Tez 04.11.2014

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