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Henry Elkus on the changing definitions of power

“The digital age has given young people unprecedented influence”

21 year-old “Helena”-founder Henry Elkus has built a one-of-a-kind organization of world leaders aimed towards significant global change. Yet half of his members are under 25 years old. Elkus spoke to Alexander Görlach on power in the 21st century and the youth’s burden to address the critical global issues of our time. 

Conversation by Alexander Görlach with Henry Elkus 06.10.2016



Why Mayors Should Rule the World

“Nation states no longer work”

Benjamin R. Barber believes that cities will triumph over nations. He explains to Lars Mensel why we need to take our mayors more seriously.

Conversation by Lars Mensel with Benjamin R. Barber 25.03.2014



Thomas Piketty on globalization’s ills

“The myth of national sovereignty helps big corporations screw us over”

French economist Thomas Piketty has put inequality back on the map and is being hailed as the Karl Marx of the 21st century. He talked to Max Tholl and Florian Guckelsberger about a globalization gone wrong, a Eurozone parliament and our obsession with economic growth.

Conversation by Max Tholl with Thomas Piketty 12.12.2014

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