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Bruno Di Mascio


Bruno Di Mascio studies at the Euro-American campus of Sciences Po Paris, currently spending one year at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. He is a member of the Georgetown University Roosevelt Institute, which focuses on Defense and Diplomacy issues. He has also worked on French strategic policies and European Defense for the French Ministry of Defense and for the US Embassy in Paris, and is currently interning at the French Embassy in the United States. He recently won a prestigious award for an article he wrote for one of the most famous French think-tanks specializing in economics.



Katharina Moser

Autor and Entrepreneur

Katharina Moser is an author and entrepreneur from Vienna. In 2009 she published her first book on what Europeans consider to be ‚typically Austrian’. (German: „Servus, Bussi und Baba“, Ueberreuter) She has worked as a project manager for the Austrian Foreign Ministry, the British Council in London and the European Forum Alpbach. Katarina produced a quirky European card game Come on over!. She is part of the Young European Collective, whose members contribute to the column “Who, If Not Us?”.



Liza Noteris


Liza Noteris studied communication and international relations. She is a freelance journalist focused on the sociology of culture and literature. She is part of the Young European Collective, whose members contribute to the column “Who, If Not Us?”.



Juliane Mendelsohn

Legal Scholar

Juliane Mendelsohn grew up in South Africa before moving to Berlin, where she lectures at the Free University on banking regulation and European law. She is a former finalist of the World Debating Championship.



Tariq Ali


The English Pakistani writer, journalist, and filmmaker is a member of the editorial committee of the “New Left Review” and “Sin Permiso”, and contributes to “The Guardian”, „CounterPunch", and the "London Review of Books“. Ali is the author of several books, including “Bush in Babylon” (2003), “A Banker for All Seasons” (2007), "The Duel“ (2008), “The Obama Syndrome” (2010), and “The Extreme Centre: A Warning” (2015).



Thomas Risse

Political Scientist

Thomas Risse is a Berlin based international relations scholar. He currently acts as chair for “transnational relations, foreign- and security policy” at the Otto-Suhr Institute for Political Science at Freie Universität Berlin. Furthermore he has several engagements in German and international research networks, he also heads the PhD program of the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.



Carolin Dylla

Political scientist

Carolin Dylla studied International and European Governance in France and Germany. She has worked for the student radio station Radio Q in Münster as well as for the multilingual European online magazine The Euros. Driven by her passionate interest for the Middle East, she is currently interning with the Heinrich Boell Stiftung in Beirut.



Martin Speer


Martin is an observer and questioner from Berlin. He believes in the power of good questions and unconventional answers. He loves to connect people and build strong networks. The Berliner is part of the Young European Collective, because he believes in the power and potential of a united European continent.



Antje Scharenberg


Antje Scharenberg likes to ask questions, particularly on topics like media, sociology, consumer culture, generational politics, and higher education. She studied Media, Communication and Culture in Hamburg and London and is currently working on a research project exploring young people’s views on contemporary society. Antje is a member of European Alternatives and the Young European Collective, whose members contribute to the column “Who, If Not Us?”.



Vincent-Immanuel Herr


Vincent-Immanuel Herr is an activist and author from Berlin, who focuses on intergenerational justice and European youth. He studied history, political science, and sociology in the United States and Germany and has published articles on a variety of aspects in German and international newspapers (e.g. Die ZEIT, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Christian Science Monitor). He is part of the activist team Herr & Speer since 2013 and co-founded the Young European Collective initiative in 2014 (both with the support of Stiftung Mercator), whose members contribute to the column „Who, If Not Us?“.

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