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Aljoscha Kertesz


Aljoscha Kertesz was born in 1975 and studied Economics and International Relations in Brighton, New York, Wellington and Wuppertal. He has been writing articles for various magazines and dayli newspapers since 1997. His main field of interest is Great Britains and Irelands politics.



Daniel Guéguen

European Lobyist, PACT-founder

With 40 years of experience in EU public affairs, Daniel Guéguen is founder and Head of Strategy and Lobbying at PACT European Affairs. In 1996 he created CLAN Public Affairs and the European Training Institute. Before this, Daniel was Head of the European sugar industry and Secretary General of COPA-COGECA. Guéguen is Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges and Natolin, as well as at SciencePo Paris and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). He previously taught at Georgetown University and Harvard Kennedy School.



Oliver Schmidt

Psychologist, Personal manager

Oliver Schmidt studierte Psychologie, Wirtschaft und Recht. 15 Jahre lang arbeitete er im Personalmanagement eines internationalen DAX-Konzern, davon zwei Jahre in den USA. Zur Zeit schreibt er an einem Buch zur Zukunft der Europäischen Union.



Tim Bale

Political Scientist

Tim Bale is a professor of political sciences at the Queen Mary University of London. He was the the co-editor of the European Journal of Political Research’s annual Political Data Yearbook. In 2008 he won the Political Studies Association’s Bernard Crick Prize for Outstanding Teaching. His latest monograph is The Conservatives since 1945: the Drivers of Party Change.



2016 is an important year

2016 - The final countdown for the European Union

The new law about the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, the lawsuits of the Hungarian and Slovak government about the relocation of refugees, the potential Brexit and Fixit, the ongoing Greek crisis and the presidential election in spring 2017 – it is obvious: the upcoming 18 months will determine whether the European Union we have known will survive.

by Oliver Schmidt 06.01.2016



South American populism

Lessons to Europe

Populism is the current trending topic when one explains politics in Western countries. Though it is not a new concept, it is rising in Europe and it also managed to win hearts and minds of American people last year who chose Donald Trump to be the 45th president of the United States.

by Robert Born 13.01.2017



Is the European Union destined to be elitist?

Chopping down the woods

The EU has not been created complex for complexity’s sake. But the painful truth of the European Union is that it might be exactly the complexity of its institutional structure that allows it to work.

by Iveta Kazoka 29.11.2014



The UK referendum and the state of the EU

No facts, no trust, no absolute truths

There have been fundamental changes that have occurred since Great Britain had its first referendum on European membership. In the 70s there were no cafes serving ten different types of coffee to a clientele almost exclusively glued to laptop screens, running their businesses from flat white to cappuccino.

by John Malcolm Watts 18.06.2016



A carciogenic hazard to humans?

Glyphosat: the Commission, a mere sekretariat!

In the European Commission, they like having the power but not the responsibility. They like pressure even less. As NGOs and certain journalists go after glyphosate, the Commission is muddling through and passing the buck to the Member States without any hesitation.

by Daniel Guéguen 20.09.2017



State of the union: Jean-Claude junckers address

We only have two choices

Jean-Claude Juncker has given his final state-of-the-union-address to the EU-parliament. He said: “Either come together around a positive European agenda or each retreat into our own corners. Faced with this choice, I argued for unity.” The European hereby presents the full text of this speech.

by Jean-Claude Juncker 15.09.2017

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