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William Deresiewicz


William Deresiewicz is an award-winning essayist and critic, a frequent college speaker, and the author of “Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life”. He taught at Yale for ten years and was a graduate instructor at Columbia for five.



Jasmine Samantar


Jasmine Samantar is a student at the Euro-American campus of Sciences Po Paris. A close observer of international politics and diaspora studies, Samantar has worked for current United States Secretary of State John F. Kerry during his tenure at the US Senate and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Regional Office in Washington, DC. Currently acting as an adviser and attachée for the Permanent Mission of the Somali Republic to the United Nations in New York, she is an advocate of educational reform throughout the African continent – most particularly in Somalia.



Krzysztof Ignaciuk


Krzysztof Ignaciuk is a long-time civic education activist of the European Youth Parliament and former President of the Board of EYP Poland. He has studied linguistics and foreign languages in Poznan, Stuttgart, and Berlin. Currently, he is involved in the European chamber music festival Krzyżowa-Music and is part of the Young European Collective whose members contribute to the column “Who, If Not Us?”.



Doris Sommer


Doris Sommer, Director of the Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University, is Ira and Jewell Williams Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and African and African American Studies. Her academic and outreach work promotes development through arts and humanities, specifically through “Pre-Texts” in Boston Public Schools, throughout Latin America and beyond. Pre-Texts is an arts-based training program for teachers of literacy, critical thinking, and citizenship.



On the Purpose of Education

Idle Knowledge

Education should not be defended on strict utilitarian grounds. Children should spend their school years learning all the things they will not need later in life.

by Jörg Friedrich 21.05.2013



William Deresiewicz on American Higher Education

“Restore free, high-quality, public higher education”

The current competition to get into one of America’s elite universities is designed to produce only “excellent sheep”. Ben Hill spoke with former Yale professor and best-selling author Bill Deresiewicz about what has gone wrong with America’s top schools and what can be done to save them.

Conversation by Ben Hill with William Deresiewicz 06.03.2015



Science and Popular Culture

Ignorance Isn't Bliss

Many of us lack a basic understanding of scientific problems – with far-reaching political consequences.

by Jörg Friedrich 16.04.2013



The student debt crisis is overblown

Not that big a deal

The rhetoric about rising student debt casts the spotlight on the wrong enemy.

by Philip Trostel 12.03.2015



Africa’s New Leadership

In with the New

Africa needs a new generation of leaders, if it wants to transform its current economic growth into a long-run Golden Age rather than a short-term illusion.

by Jasmine Samantar 04.12.2013



Science and Science Fiction

"Most learning is an illusion"

Jack Cohen occupies a peculiar position among scientists: In addition to his scholarly work, he has published several books in collaboration with the fantasy author Terry Pratchett. Cohen sat down with Martin Eiermann to discuss the link between science and science fiction, the nature of knowledge, and the decline of university education.

Conversation by Martin Eiermann with Jack Cohen 19.07.2013

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