It would have been a disaster for Britain to join the euro. Jack Straw

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Why the GOP will not go down

Life in the old dog yet

News of the Republican Party’s demise has been greatly exaggerated. The party controls both chambers and has a lot of strong candidates for the 2016 elections.

by Joseph A. Palermo 18.12.2014



US policy in Syria

Calling Russia's Bluff

A congressional rejection of the military intervention in Syria will give Obama the right excuse to avoid military action and to accomplish his mission: calling the Russian bluff with a bluff.

by Stefano Casertano 03.09.2013



Why Obama is right about Cuba

The same tired arguments

Despite his conservative critics, Obama’s opening to Cuba is as significant as Nixon’s opening to China in 1972. The arguments against this step forward just don’t pass muster.

by William LeoGrande 19.02.2015



US Policy in Egypt

Friends with Benefits

In spite of the violent crackdown on protesters in Egypt, the United States continues to avoid reviewing its policy regarding military aid to the country. The Obama administration has good reason to be cautious.

by Ragnar Weilandt 26.08.2013



Racial divisions in the U.S.

The Divided States of America

Brown and Garner are but two names in a long list of black men and women who have perished at the hands of police. These are not personal issues or isolated incidents: they are tragic reflections of a deeply broken system.

by John A. Powell 08.12.2014



Ferguson and the rule of law

Law and Order

The case of Darren Wilson shows that a legal decision, whether made by justices, tribunals or juries can be wrong, both as a matter of law and as a matter of morality.

by Juliane Mendelsohn 26.11.2014



Charting a new course on Cuba

Back to normal

President Obama seeks to strengthen his historical legacy by reaching out to Cuba, but can he succeed where Presidents Ford and Carter have failed?

by Susan Purcell 13.02.2015



US Policy in the Middle East

Delayer in Chief

The United States hoped to build Turkey into a model democracy in the Middle East, and to wait out the turmoil of the Arab Spring. Both policies have failed.

by Stefano Casertano 13.06.2013



Condoleezza Rice for President

Clinton or Bush? No, Condi!

Two great family dynasties are poised to inherit the presidency after Obama. But the better choice would be someone else who, up until now, no one has on the ticket.

by Nils Heisterhagen 23.01.2015

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