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Justin McDonnell


Justin McDonnell writes for the current-affairs magazine “The Diplomat” and is editor of the “Kyoto Journal”. He previously worked for “Asia Society” as a reporter, China Labor Watch as an assistant, and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.



Justin McCurry


Justin McCurry is the Tokyo correspondent of “The Guardian” and contributor to the “Global Post”. He holds degrees from the London School of Economics and from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London University.



Barry Desker


Barry Desker is Distinguished Fellow and Bakrie Professor of Southeast Asia Policy at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he was Dean until 2014. Desker was Singapore’s ambassador to Indonesia from 1986-1993. He also served as Singapore’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York. He is currently Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to the Holy See and Spain, and Chairman of Singapore Technologies Marine.



China and Mao’s Legacy

The Long Shadow

Mao’s spirit influences Chinese politics to this day and the power struggle for his legacy is still raging.

by Justin McDonnell 17.12.2013



Global Economic Growth

What Dreams May Come

While the West engages in serious navel-gazing, the rest of the world is moving ahead. Don’t judge the state of the world economy by Western GDP growth.

by Robert Kappel 18.03.2013



Power in the 21st Century

“China is a one-dimensional power”

Francis Fukuyama proclaimed “The End of History” and is one of the most prominent political theorists of our time. He sat down with Florian Guckelsberger to discuss why state power is the root of all evil, how the Occupy-movement failed to meet its goals and why the Internet is largely overrated.

Conversation by Florian Guckelsberger with Francis Fukuyama 22.01.2014



Japan's Historical Revisionism

Rewriting History at the Yasukuni Shrine

The Yasukuni Shrine memorializes Japan’s war dead, including WWII-era war criminals. For this reason, it has always been a controversial memory site. A much greater problem than the shrine itself, however, is the revisionist museum attached to it.

by Barry Desker 13.05.2015



Robert Kaplan on Asia and an unstable world

"It will be hard without the US as the organizing principle."

The 21st century will be Asia’s century: what happens in the East will affect the stability of the globe, says Robert D. Kaplan. He spoke with Ben Hill about the lessons to be learned from Asia’s ascent.

Conversation by Ben Hill with Robert Kaplan 05.02.2015

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