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David Omand


Sir David Omand GCB is a visiting professor at King’s College London. He became in 2002 the first UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator, responsible to the Prime Minister for the professional health of the intelligence community, national counter-terrorism strategy and “homeland security”. He was Permanent Secretary of the Home Office from 1997 to 2000, and before that Director of GCHQ. Previously, in the Ministry of Defence he served as Deputy Under Secretary of State for Policy, Principal Private Secretary to the Defence Secretary.



Rejection of EU-wide data retention law

Exit the panopticon

The ECJ’s ruling on the data retention directive is a landmark victory in the battle against unjustified state surveillance – but it comes too late to safeguard our basic freedoms.

by Juliane Mendelsohn 11.04.2014



NSA Surveillance Debates

The State, Unbound

The almost exclusive focus on the NSA obscures the degree to which surveillance has become integrated into almost every level of government. For most of us, the first point of contact with the surveillance state isn’t the NSA – it’s the local police department.

by Martin Eiermann 13.01.2014



How espionage lulls us in

Maintaining order

Governments ask conformity in exchange for safety. It is a transaction we cannot accept.

by Yara Zgheib 25.06.2015



Data Protection and Internet Surveillance

“The Internet is like Elvis Presley’s hips”

Harper Reed helped Barack Obama get re-elected, is a staunch defender of Internet freedom and believes that the whole discussion about data protection is completely overblown. He talked to Max Tholl about why we sell our privacy, the good intentions of the NSA and how Europe is hurting itself by overprotecting data.

Conversation by Max Tholl with Harper Reed 14.02.2014

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