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Stefano Casertano

Stefano Casertano

Stefano Casertano is an international politics expert, author and journalist residing in Berlin, with a focus on global economics and energy affairs. After completing his MBA at Columbia University, he earned his Ph.D. in International Relations at Potsdam Univerity, where he teaches at the Social Science faculty. He has been an international affairs advisor at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

Last updated on 30.05.2015


Big Power Politics in the Middle East


The Return of Cold War Logic

Amidst all the uncertainty in the Middle East, two truths emerge: Big power politics has returned to the forefront of international diplomacy. And the solution to the Syrian and Iranian crises will be found not in the middle East, but on the border between Russia and China.


Geopolitics in the Middle East


Of Power And Principle

A year after the Arab Spring, the Middle East is quickly moving from revolution to war – and international powers begin to realize that their commitment to democracy comes with a large caveat.


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