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Simone Duarte

Simone Duarte

She is the International Director of Público, a Portuguese daily paper. Prior she was editor-in-chief of Público online. Previously she was the head of New York Bureau for TV Globo, the major Brazilian network. For the coordination of 9/11 coverage she was nominated for an Emmy. She worked for TV Globo for 15 years. Simone directed the documentary En Route to Baghdad, about Sergio Vieira de Mello who was killed in the attack against the UN in Iraq in 2003. It was broadcasted by PBS, France 5 amongst other TVs. She holds a MS in international Affairs from New School.

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Refugees looking for asylum in Europe


Is there such a thing as “the wrong Europe”?

In a recent interview the associate director of Portugal´s border agency, Luis Gouveia, said that besides bureaucracy the difficulty in the resettlement of refugees is due to the fact that they don´t want to come to Portugal but to the Northern European countries like Germany or Sweden.

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