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Sahar el-Nadi

Sahar el-Nadi

Sahar el-Nadi has dedicated her career to the intercultural understanding between Muslims and Christians. She is initiator of the initiative “Don’t Hate, Educate” and adviser for the platform, Islam Online. In 2010, El-Nadi was elected as one of the “Women Leaders of the World” by the University of California.

Last updated on 26.11.2012


Old Media and the Arab Spring


The Phone Is Mightier Than the Sword

Two years ago, Egyptians took to the streets en masse – and helped to usher in a new age of citizen journalism. Old media is still trying to catch up.


Egyptian Presidential Elections


On Livestock and Democracy

What do Egyptian Presidential Elections have in common with a 1906 cattle breeding show in rural England?


The Long History of a Label


Middle East of What?

Abolish the idea of the “Middle East.” Rooted in imperial phantasies of the past, the term is neither descriptive nor value-free. We are Arabs, Muslims, Northern Africans – but not “people from the Middle East.”


Egypt's Democratic Transition


Party Shopping in Cairo

After several decades of censorship, oppression and tyranny, morphing into a true democracy is not going to happen overnight. The transition will be unorganized and at times difficult. Before the end of the year, two elections will test the country’s enthusiasm for democratic politics.


Mubarak's Retreat


Freedom Made in Egypt

After 18 days, President Mubarak finally stepped down. It is difficult to predict what will happen in Egypt in the next few days, but whatever happens one thing is for sure: Egyptians will never lose their freedom of spirit again.


  • Demonstrations in Egypt are carried on by the country’s youth. The opposition to President Mubarak is genuinely popular. It first formed on social networks – the only place left for dreams – and galvanized in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria.


Wikileaks and Censorship


Redefining Freedom

Wikileaks has exposed the secrets of the powerful. But their backlash is inevitable. Government oversight of the internet will increase, censorship laws will tighten. Julian Assange is only a minor victim of this clash between vested interests and the information age. At stake is our freedom to share information.

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