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Paulus Terwitte

Paulus Terwitte

Paulus Terwitte has been a monk since 1978 and a Catholic Priest since 1985. Since 2002, he has been the moderator of the parochial TV show “So Gesehen” on the German TV channel SAT1 and since 2004 he also had his own talk show on N24. Every month he answers question on faith. More about brother Paulus can be found on

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Papal Glamour


The Pope Is No Lady Di

The pope is neither a rock star nor a king, he’s the Bishop of Rome. Stop worshipping him.


Yes We Can't


Forsake for Freedom

We need a happy “Yes We Can’t!”. Freedom is realized in our renunciation. If we want to foster a culture of freedom and happiness, we need to cultivate our asceticism.

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