Berlusconi ruled the country like a post-modern fascist. Paolo Flores d'Arcais

Oliver Schmidt

Oliver Schmidt

Oliver Schmidt studierte Psychologie, Wirtschaft und Recht. 15 Jahre lang arbeitete er im Personalmanagement eines internationalen DAX-Konzern, davon zwei Jahre in den USA. Zur Zeit schreibt er an einem Buch zur Zukunft der Europäischen Union.

Last updated on 16.01.2016


50 entertaining questions to think about


The digital Revolution in Europe

50 entertaining questions about the digital Revolution in Europe.


Suspension of voting rights


Poland needs a clear signal from the EU

The EU will have to take measures with respect to the new Polish government if it does not want to jeopardise the credibility of the European values. To send a clear signal to the new Polish government, it has to be willing to exploit the entire range of options under the rule-of-law mechanism and the procedure in accordance with Article 7 as well as to limit EU payments to Poland.


2016 is an important year


2016 - The final countdown for the European Union

The new law about the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, the lawsuits of the Hungarian and Slovak government about the relocation of refugees, the potential Brexit and Fixit, the ongoing Greek crisis and the presidential election in spring 2017 – it is obvious: the upcoming 18 months will determine whether the European Union we have known will survive.

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