The solution is always more Europe and not less. Edi Rama

Nik Darlington

Nik Darlington

Nik Darlington is a British blogger and journalist. His writings have appeared in “The Independent”, the “Daily Telegraph”, the “Huffington Post” and at He regularly writes at and tweets at @NikDarlington.

Last updated on 12.02.2014


European Democracy


A Bigger Voice Amidst the Chaos

Europe’s problem are economic, but the solutions must be political. It’s time for the parliamentarians in Strasbourg to speak up.


The Future of British Conservatism


To Make The World A Better Place

Conservatives must modernize – by returning to their roots. The basic tenets of conservative beliefs still hold: The skepticism towards radical change, the commitment to stability in a risky world, and the desire to leave behind a better world for our children.

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