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Lyse Doucet

Lyse Doucet

Lyse Doucet is an award-winning correspondent and presenter for BBC World News and BBC World Service. She has covered the Middle East for more than twenty years for the BBC, and has served as a foreign correspondent in Jerusalem, Amman, Tehran, Islamabad, Kabul and Abidjan. Her most recent awards include, in 2012, an Edward R Murrow award for radio reports from Tunisia, a Peabody and David Bloom Award in 2010 for television films from Afghanistan, and Radio News journalist of the Year at the Sony Radio Academy Awards in the UK.

Last updated on 07.03.2013


Journalism and Revolution


Bearing Witness

The advent of social media has fundamentally altered the journalistic landscape. But the basic challenge remains the same: To bear witness, and to tell the stories that matter.

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