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Justine Kolata

Justine Kolata

Justine Kolata received her BA from Yale University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in German Philosophy at Cambridge University on enlightenment salon culture and conceptions of “a beautiful soul” in the philosophy of Goethe and Schiller. She is founder and director of The Public Sphere, a cultural organization that works to revive Enlightenment salon culture and the art of conversation. 

Last updated on 05.10.2016


Philosophy and the Bildung


In Pursuit of the Beautiful Soul

“The Beautiful is not different from the Good: The Beautiful is the Good that shows itself to us pleasingly veiled. —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


New culture of debates


A Renaissance of Salon Culture

What is the history of salon culture? How did the salon contribute to the formation of a European public sphere? In what ways did salons create new forms of community through culture and ideas? What lessons can be learned for communication, discursive action and human interaction today? These are questions we must consider in envisioning new forms of participatory democracy in the 21 st century.

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