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Joseph Hammond

Joseph Hammond

Joseph Hammond is a journalist and former Cairo correspondent for Radio Free Europe. He has written on issues ranging from boxing to international relations on four continents. He has also worked as a consultant on development issues and as Fulbright Public Policy fellow with the government of Malawi.

Last updated on 16.07.2015


Global Arms Trading


Passage to India

The US and Russia don’t agree on much – but they are both keen to develop a good relationship with India. How do we know? Look at the arms trade.


Protests in Russia


Divided and Fizzling

A year after the start of street protests, Russia’s opposition is fragmented and disillusioned. The main task: To build coalitions with those who silently disapprove of Putin.


Unrest in Amman


The Trouble With Jordan

The past few weeks have seen increased unrest in Jordan. But the biggest challenge for King Abdullah II might not come from the streets, but from his country’s dependence on foreign oil.


Cyberwar and the Oil Industry


Virtual Threats to Real Oil

One of the world’s most vital industries is virtually unguarded against digital attacks.




Coptic Christians After the Revolution


The Discovery of Pluralism

The past fourteen months have been a trying time for Egyptian Christians. After decades of repression, Copts must come to terms with new freedoms and discrimination. Their response: A diversification of views, not unlike their Muslim contemporaries.



A Fresh Look At Islamist Politics


The Vote Is Mightier Than The Sword

Islamist political parties are changing their tactics. The future battles will be won at the ballot box.


Why the Goals of Pan-Arabism Remain Elusive


A League of their Own

Nationalism is on the rise throughout the Arab world. Promising transnational organizations like the Gulf Cooperation Council are shadows of their former selves. Economic integration has been demoted in importance during the long aftermath of revolution. Yet Arab democratization cannot proceed without economic development. The history of the EU can provide a roadmap for the Arab world.

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