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Jón Gnarr

Jón Gnarr

The comedian turned politician has been mayor of Iceland’s capital Reykjavík since 2010. Gnarr, who was known as a radio show host, punk musician and anarchist in his home country, founded the satirical party “Besti flokkurinn” (Best Party) during the height of the financial crisis. Despite of its election promise to openly participate in corruption and to break all election promises, the party surprisingly became the strongest force in the following municipal elections.

Last updated on 12.03.2015
„Politics is merely a job.“
Jón Gnarr


  • At the height of the financial crisis, the comedian Jón Gnarr unexpectedly won the mayoral election in Reykjavík. He talked with Lars Mensel about the art of politics, political pluralism, and his secret Jedi powers.

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