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Elina Makri

Elina Makri

Elina Makri was born in 1981 in Athens and studied international and European law in France and Belgium. She set up the Greek edition of the multi-language European magazine “” in 2006. In 2012 she received the European Parliament’s Charlemagne Youth Prize in 2012 for the “” project “Europe on the ground”. Makri was also involved in setting up the journalist and media network platform “” and works as an editor in the German-Greek media project “”.

Last updated on 12.03.2015
„There is still a lot of work to do in Athens.“
Elina Makri


  • Five years after the crisis broke out there, life in Athens is still difficult. However, Greek journalist and activist Elina Makri decided to stay. She talked with Julia Korbik – about daily struggles, the Greek media, and why she is romantic when it comes to the EU.


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