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Love Thy Neighbor's Money


The rising role of money in politics is undisputed – this year, more than one billion dollars will be spent during the US presidential campaign. But what does that money buy? And when do donations turn into bribery and corruption?


The Fight Against Corruption


An Age of Prohibition

The fight for money and influence has turned politics into a fertile ground for corruption – in every country. The only effective response is strict prohibition: Politicians must not be allowed to overstep the line between public service and private careerism.

Five Reasons for Political Corruption


The Gratification Business

People who value money are unlikely to become politicians. But corruption remains endemic. Here are five reasons why.

Politics of the Common Good?


The Poisonous Persistence of Corruption

When a lust for power meets with abundant resources, corruption is almost inevitable. The US appears to have found a unique response: Thanks to Citizens United, many questionable practices have now come under the protection of the law.

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