Berlusconi ruled the country like a post-modern fascist. Paolo Flores d'Arcais

The Philosophical Salon


True to the tradition of public intellectual engagement, the Philosophical Salon is a place where contemporary thinkers can discuss today’s crucial issues. In cooperation with our two columnists and editors of the Philosophical Salon, philosopher Michael Marder and literary and cultural theorist Patricia Vieira, The European brings you leading intellectuals from across the world and their reflections on things that matter to us all.


The societal meaning of Zombies


What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Zombies?

A specter is haunting the academy—the specter of the undead.

Blackmailing the Greeks


The End of Democratic Europe

Last weekend’s events show that the European Union no longer represents the will of the Europeans.

The American Corn Industry


Feeding Cars and Junking People

A problem the world over, malnutrition and obesity in America are very much tied to the corn industry. And that’s just one of many ways America’s obsession with corn is endangering its citizens.

Theory and Education


A Bit on Theory

Theory is epistemological and ethical healthcare for our society. Gayatri C. Spivak tackles the question “Is theory critical?”

On Animal and Planetary Welfare


Loving the Earth Enough

Humans love animals more than ever before. We protect them, mourn their deaths, and accept them into our families. Is interspecies love laying the groundwork for a more ethical relationship to the earth we all share?

Cretan, Athenian, and Christian


The Cultural Identity of Europe

The European conflict between North and South did not arise out of nothing. Our civilization developed on a foundation of three cultures: first Cretan, then Athenian, then Christian. Rather than eclipsing each other in succession, these identities intermingle, continuing to battle it out today.

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