The rules of the game are fixed by the rich for the rich. Thomas Pogge


The Leaning Ivory Tower


The price of admission in American Universities and the crippling student debt for those who can’t pay only exacerbate the growing wealth inequality gap in The United States. What needs to be done to reverse the trends, and what are other countries and institutions doing right that could serve as models for reform?


This year it’s estimated that the global top 1% owns more than 50% of the world’s private wealth. The answer to this inequality could be broader education, but just how that education should be funded raises more questions than answers. While more people are attending colleges and universities now than ever before, the average student loan debt is roughly 30,000$: a particularly depressing statistic in an economy in which college graduates are leaving school only to be confronted with grim job perspectives.


The Diminishing Returns of Higher Education


Less is more

The fact that more people are going to college is a big problem. What we need is more education alternatives and less college.

The student debt crisis is overblown


Not that big a deal

The rhetoric about rising student debt casts the spotlight on the wrong enemy.

The Decline of American Public Higher Education


Faded Glory

American higher education has a great past, but will it have a great future? Not if we let neoliberal right-wingers decide.

Higher Education Crisis: Causes and Solutions


The Crisis is Real

Higher education must serve the public good and not corporate interests. It’s time for professors to work together to rescue the American Education System.

Rising College Costs and Prices


An American Dilemma

For all the media sensationalism there isn’t so much a crisis in higher education as a solvable dilemma.



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