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The Book of Evil


The copyright on Adolf Hitler’s racist autobiography “Mein Kampf” expires in 2015. From then on, anyone will be free to republish the infamous book. Should a ban be imposed or would that infringe our freedom of expression?


Advantages of publishing "Mein Kampf"


The €500,000 Solution

To publish or not to publish? That is no longer the question. What remains to be done after the “Mein Kampf” copyright expires in 2015 is to provide an antitoxin to its content – and Bavaria has just the right medicine.

Why "Mein Kampf" must be banned


Banned for good

The German state must ban Hitler’s Mein Kampf for eternity and recognize that plain and outspoken rejection of Nazi ideology is a fundamental part of German democracy. This is the surest way to prevent history from repeating itself.

Why Germany should allow Hitler’s "Mein Kampf"


Terrible Irony

Should German publishing houses, even German citizens, be free to publish and sell Adolf Hitler’s racist, ranting autobiography Mein Kampf? Yes, they should.

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