Greece and its creditors have to compromise. Barry Eichengreen

The Return of the Roma


No other ethnic minority is Europe faces as much discrimination as the Roma population. Their culture is alien and unknown to many, but their numbers are growing: Ten to twelve million Roma live in inside the EU – in every country except Luxemburg.


Roma in Europe


Bohemia Revisited

In a time when an increasing percentage of European feel alienated from their governments and at the mercy of economic forces, the Roma are no longer the only marginalized group. Crisis can become the spawning point for new inclusivity.



Daniel Baker

Ending Roma Discrimination in Europe


Yearning to Breath Free

A decade from today, 20 Percent of some Eastern European countries will have a Roma ancestry. Yet despite strength in numbers, the cycle of exclusion and marginalization persists.

European Roma Policies


Too Little, Too Cheap

Education has often been cited by the EU as the path towards Roma integration. But the problems run deeper than a lack of training. And unless the EU abandons its shortsighted and misguided policies, change will remain a lofty ideal.

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