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Who’s Got The Power?


Power is a fundamental resource of human interaction. Be it on the political level or on the societal level: power shapes our relations. But the nation-state is no longer the only game in town. New powers are rising and the global power balance is reaching a tipping point.


50 entertaining questions to think about


The digital Revolution in Europe

50 entertaining questions about the digital Revolution in Europe.

Why we need a unification of the West


Project W

In the face of thriving nationalism, terrorism and upcoming wars Europe and the US need to build a strong alliance – otherwise they will not only harm themselves but one another.

Global Governance and New International Powers


Sinking Statesmanship

The ship of global governance is weak and leaky. It desperately needs fixing if it wants to stand a chance in the troubled waters that lie ahead.

Energy as Source of Power


Biting The Hand That Feeds Us

Energy is key in the global struggle for power. Depleting our natural resources will precipitate our downfall.



Ian Morris

Power Beyond the Nation-State


The New Middle Ages

The power of the nation-state is in freefall. The new balance of power is not written in the stars but in the history books.

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