UKIP does not represent the majority of the British population. John Major

Strange Love


Nuclear disarmament has stalled worldwide. Two decades after the end of the Cold War, up to 20,000 nuclear weapons still exist in military bases around the world. India and Pakistan have acquired the bomb, Iran is trying to get there – A strange fascination with a weapon we are unlikely to use.


Towards a Non-Nuclear World


Big Stick Politics

Strategically useless, expensive and dangerous – the nuclear weapon has no reason to exist and should be banished. But nuclear disarmament still faces two main obstacles: The tendency to proliferation and the sad realities of international politics.

The Proliferation of Nuclear Technology


Good Intentions, Deadly Consequences

The civil use of nuclear power cannot be divorced from the history of the atomic bomb. We cannot continue to export reactor technology for civil use without undermining attempts to curb the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Disarmament and Nuclear Power


On the Road to Nowhere

It’s easy to talk about disarmament. It’s much harder to get it done. As long as treaties remain purposefully vague – and as long as we create more nuclear technology through the civilian use of nuclear power – disarmament is a fancy illusion.

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